There are many different facets involved in a divorce, from child support and custody to division of assets, and I can help you every step of the way. I will explain every part of this complex process, and then build a custom plan for you.

Child Support and Alimony

Child support can be a contentious part of the divorce. I offer services for those who need help getting the full, fair amount of support. As your spouse’s financial situation changes, I can help with modifying child support and alimony payments.


I can assist in structuring out a parenting plan that includes child custody and visitation. Again, I know how stressful this situation is, but my knowledge and experience in this area can help you through this difficult time with a favorable outcome.


A prenuptial, or “prenup,” establishes property and financial rights of each spouse in the event of a divorce. These agreements are most commonly used to protect assets.

Personal Injury

As a litigator, I have the knowledge and tenacity required to protect your rights and also provide you with favorable results. If you’ve been injured or hurt due to carelessness or negligence of somebody else, contact my office today at 803-359-6189. I have represented my clients involved in:

  • Slip and fall injuries and other premises
  • Injuries caused by domestic animals
  • Car accidents
  • Injuries to mental and emotional health caused by intentional emotional distress



At the Law Office of Jean Perrin Derrick, LLC I always have my client’s best interests at heart. I strive to build a relationship with each client so I can fully understand their situation and goals. From there, I determine an overall strategy to develop and prepare the case to obtain the best results for settlement or on to trial.

I focus on civil litigation mainly in the family law and personal injury practice areas. I represent my clients in trials, but also in mediation. The Law Office of Jean Perrin Derrick, LLC never shies away from taking a case to court, if it’s in the best interest of my client.


Getting Started

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